Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Barbie Dinner Party

The girl and I hosted a dinner party for all her Barbies. There was a strict dress code. No one could attend looking like this:Since all the guests have limited arm mobility, we fixed their hair and helped them into their best outfits. Mulan was the first to arrive:
But then she quickly left to change because she was quite under dressed.

Once all the guests had arrived they began to feast on some of the largest food known to man:

Actually, "feast" is the wrong word. They barely touched the food!

There was plenty of good conversation though.

(Doesn't it look as if the girl with the big blue earrings is looking sideways at the camera? Creepy.)

The dinner party came to an abrupt end when all the girls realized they had been dating the same man. That Ken can get around!

Once the girls had gone, we had plenty of leftovers to clean up. We just couldn't get these ladies to eat.

Sigh. I really have been in the house too long.

(Note: I need to make it perfectly clear that the boy was not actually playing Barbies with us. He was making fun of us. )



You know those skinny bitches NEVER eat. How do you think they get those totally disproportionate bodies?
I hope Ken is disease-free...otherwise you'll end up with Herpes Barbie and Syphilis Skipper!

Tammie said...

ha ha ha ha ha...these barbies are all ancient e-bay pretty sure that none of this crew is disease free.

Layrayski said...

Hehe that was fun!

Tammie said...

glad you enjoyed it.


Barefoot_Mommy said...

LOL Your posts make me laugh. I love the second picture. About half of our barbies have that same look going on.