Monday, August 11, 2008

An Adventure in Spending (someone else's) Money

The girl has always loved the commercials for Build-A-Bear Workshop, but because we rush her past our local store, visiting it was more of a far off dream. Sort of like the lost city of Atlantis. She didn't think she'd ever actually get there. Well, a few weeks ago we were in the mall and because I had just successfully gotten her away from the play area without a tantrum, I wasn't paying attention to the fact that we were standing in front of the Workshop. Of course she had spotted it. And so the nagging began.

No one in our house was real excited about spending money on a bear with it's own pair of Skechers, but because my dad lives a few hours away and isn't yet immune to the pleas of a lovely three year old, he fell for it. Yesterday we went to the Workshop. The girl was in heaven. When we left an hour later, she was tightly clutching a bear that was wearing a complete outfit of Hello Kitty clothes, right down to the panties, and some black and white saddle shoes. My dad was fifty dollars poorer.



My girls love Build A Bear, but it's a rare treat.
My stepson likes it in theory but requests to "not have to do the thing with the heart because it's embarassing". lol
I encourage BAB gift cards for holidays so it's not all of MY money being forked over. =D

Tammie said...

That's too funny, because my son has a BAB monkey and he feels basically the same way as your stepson. He likes the monkey alone, but any accessories, shoes, clothes, is just too "girly."

By the way....I hope you saw that I did your survey in the post below. :)