Saturday, July 19, 2008

Weekly Update

Wow. Is it weekly update time already? Every day of this summer seems to be becoming one redundant moment after another. Wake up. Drink coffee. Make a quick, crappy breakfast for the kids. Clean house. Go to Home Depot. Fix broken shit around house. Drink more coffee. Try not to yell at children. Go back to Home Depot because wrong thing was bought to fix broken shit around the house. Fix crappy lunch for kids. Investigate strange smell. Give up and yell at children. Fix crappy dinner. Drink a beer, or a vodka tonic, or a glass of wine and avoid looking at the bill for the Home Depot credit card. And so on and so forth. Strangely, the days seem to have sped by to the point where I have no idea what day it is. What does it matter? All of my days are the same anyway.

One morning this week, I went out and got my haircut and Jay stayed with the kids. When I left, the boy was still asleep. He woke up a short while later and asked his dad where I was, to which Jay quickly replied, "She went on a job interview at Gymboree. She's going to start working again." Jay said the boy was visibly upset and then said, "Well, she can't go back to work. Who's going to take care of us?!" Jay reassured him that I wasn't going back to work anytime soon and if/when I did, we would see to it that one of us was always around. I got a kick out of this story for a couple of reasons. The first being that if I'm going to go back to work, it sure as hell is not going to be at Gymboree. If I want to be with bratty, obnoxious kids then I can just stay home. Secondly, I think it's humorous that the boy considers what I do around the house as "taking care" of him and his sister. Although I think I'm a decent enough mom, sometimes it gets crazy in this house and I feel like I'm totally phoning it in. I don't want to be this way of course, and I try not to be. But there are times when I'm playing a game with the boy or building Lego castles with the girl and all I can think about is how I'd much rather be in bed with a good book. I'm pleased that I've managed to hide my ennui from the children.

I still haven't made anything with the sewing machine. We got bobbins and we know the machine works, it's just that we haven't figured out how it works. The fact that nothing has been sewn can be blamed on my own ineptitude and not that of the machine. Jay learned how to use a sewing machine in middle school Home Ec. class in New Jersey. But that was a long time ago. I have never used a sewing machine in my life. I didn't do any sewing in Home Economics. My Home Ec. teacher didn't teach much of anything. I later heard that she had another career as a slum lord so this may be why I didn't retain a lot of the knowledge that she attempted to pass on. (As a side note to this but in no way related to my ex-Home Ec. teacher: If you are ever in need of sewing supplies, don't buy anything from a web-based business known as I originally ordered some bobbins from them. The bobbins never came and we tried to call but only got an answering machine. We did some research online and found out that a lot of people have been ripped off by this company and the guy that runs it. His name is Aaron Kocourek and apparently he just takes money. Fortunately my loss was only about $9 and I paid through paypal so I consider myself lucky. There were many people who spent much more at his "store." I do most of my shopping online and this is the first time I've ever been ripped off. I consider my loss as small but I definitely learned my lesson. If I want to order something from a small business I'm going to do some research first. That's what Google is for.)

Other than that, not much going on around here. Just the usual leaky pipes, screaming kids, and barking dogs. Hopefully next week's update will be more thrilling. Don't count on it though.


Eileen said...

Your blog just came up when I searched for Aaron Kocourek. Sorry, but I have only read the part about him.

He has swindled loads of people out of money and does not send the goods. He has also just opened a new website called You can check ownership of this site on "whois". Also he is in trouble with the police. Check this

I just do not understand how someone like this is allowed to continue to steal money from people. I am trying my best to spread the word. Good luck.

Tammie said...

Thanks Eileen for the heads up.
This guy is just a scumbag.