Sunday, July 6, 2008

Vacation and Ongoing Home Projects: Part Three

Sunday, the last day of Jay's vacation days, was spent just hanging out. We've completed everything we set out to do and then some. We're actually pretty exhausted.

The biggest and most labor intensive project was the half bath. Once all the wallpaper was scraped off and the mirrors were removed, we painted. The color I chose is called "malted milk" and when I was in The Home Depot, it looked very pale tan with pinkish undertones. On my walls, it's the color of an uncooked chicken breast. I'm not pleased.The bathroom doesn't look horrible but I'm irritated that I invested so much time and energy and am not overjoyed with the outcome. At least the color is light enough to easily paint over later. See for yourself:
The best part of the bathroom is the mirror that Jay installed. It's small and it can be moved up and down so you can look just at your face or get a full length view. There was some discussion about removing the old mirrors that took up two whole walls. Some people in the house wanted to keep them. I thought they were incredibly tacky. This mirror is a good compromise because you can get a full view, without all the gaudiness of a room full of mirrors.

One of the things that won't be returning to the newly-painted bathroom is my wall art:

I use the word "art" very loosely, as most people wouldn't consider dressed up cats smoking in the bathroom as art. I've had this picture longer than I've had my oldest child and I have always hung it proudly in my bathroom. But I'm getting a little tired of it. I think it'd time to invest in some real art. So if any of you want my kitties, just let me know, otherwise they will be sold at the next garage sale.

The last project on the list was to spray paint two wicker chairs. My son rescued these from my neighbor's trash heap a few weeks ago. They were in good condition, just dirty and in need of some TLC. Jay pressure washed them and then he and the boy painted them a dark green and bought some cushions. The boy is keeping one for himself and the other one he gave to me to sit it when I read.

He and Jay even hung some shelves and set up a little reading space in the corner of the room:

I love the way the colors in the chair and cushion go with my green seventies bed spread. Isn't it great when things like that just happen?

It's been a long week but we somehow managed to do it all and even work in a bit of fun. I think Jay is ready to go back to work though so he can relax.


tall penguin said...

OH MY GOD!!! That kitty picture rocks! And I'm not even a cat person. :) Wish I could be at your next garage sale. I'd buy that one fer sure.

Tammie said...

seriously?! i'll send it to you if you're interested. free of charge to you. i'd love for it to go to someone who really wanted it.

tall penguin said...

I would love it. It will definitely be well-loved here. Okay, I'll email you thru your profile with the details. Thanks!