Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Vacation and Ongoing Home Projects: Part One

Jay is taking some vacation days this week but we aren't going anywhere. It's more of a working vacation. I have a post-it here on the desk with a list of projects to be completed within the next few days and I hope to post updates as they are finished. For some unknown reason, we started all the projects today.

The first project was to lay the flooring in the girl's room. Jay ripped up the carpet and had the floor down before three o'clock. I am very impressed. Plus, he did a perfect job and I couldn't be more pleased. The girl likes it too. She thinks it makes her room look like a ballerina studio. Here she is on her new floor, oblivious to the fact that she needs snow for snow angels:

(I wanted to be sure to mention the bird skirt that she has on. I bought it here for only $15. It's handmade by a woman in Portland, Oregon and the quality is amazing. It doesn't look at all like typical handmade clothing. She makes them in adult sizes too and I am so tempted. I truly wish I could sew.)

I got off to a late start on my projects this morning because I woke up at three AM to my cat peeing all over me. I have to admit that I used to find it pretty funny when she would target Jay with her urine, but now that it's me, I'm not laughing. I have no explanation for why she does this, other than that she is slightly touched in the head. So anyways, I had quite a bit of laundry and cleaning to do. I read somewhere that vinegar works really well at not only removing pet urine odor, but it discourages the animal from returning to the same spot to do their business. So I added vinegar to the wash this morning and then sprayed a vinegar/water solution all over my mattress. Well, the cat pee smell is gone but depending on how you look at it, my room either smells like an under-seasoned vinaigrette or an under-perfumed douche. Neither are the best scents for relaxing sleep. I'm gonna have to light some candles or burn incense.

Another project on the list is the staining and reupholstering of the chairs in the front room. I've begun this but don't want to post any pictures until the project is complete.

I also have a half-bath to paint but first I must remove the very eighties wall paper border. I actually started this earlier in the week but gave up when I realized there was another border underneath the one I was removing. Removing wallpaper is a task I absolutely can't stand and I'm having a hard time seeing any end in sight. (As a side note, what is up with people putting wallpaper over wallpaper? People that do this are just plain evil.)

Well, my house is a mess and I have to put these vinegar sheets on my bed still. Stay tuned later in the week for Part Two in this riveting series. Don't fall off the edge of your seat in anticipation.


DysFUNctional Mom said...

The floor looks beautiful, and I'm so sorry you now have a douche-bed. (snort!)

Tammie said...

ha ha...the smell faded after a while. thank goodness

tall penguin said...

Love the bird skirt. Oh, and the floor looks fabuloso!