Monday, July 14, 2008

The Diva Cup

Last month I bought the Diva Cup. Well, technically the hubby, knowing I had wanted it for years, brought it home as a surprise. In case you don't know, the Diva Cup is a cup you insert into your vagina and it collects your menstrual junk. When the cup is full, you remove it, clean it, and reinsert. Believe me, it sounds a whole lot messier than it actually is.

In fact, my preconceived notions about the mess factor of the Cup was what kept me from buying it all these years. The initial cost of The Diva Cup is about three to four times that of a box of tampons, so if I ended up totally hating it, I would have been out a hunk of money. Plus, what if it just didn't work?

Well, after having tested it out during my last two periods, I can now say I'm officially a convert. Concerning how well it works, I would say at least as well as a tampon, if not better. There were certain times, like at night, when I could have used an extra layer of protection. But for the most part, I was leak free. (And in case you were wondering, removing the full cup is no messier than removing a tampon.)

The main perk of the Cup is that I no longer have to spend money on tampons month after month. I'm sure my hubby likes this as well, considering he no longer will be asked to make emergency late night tampon runs. (Although, he is awesome for having done so for the last eleven years!) Also, less tampons being bought = less tampons in landfills, so it's much better for the environment.

Another perk of the Cup, is that because it's silicone, I'm no longer forced to suffer through the vaginal dryness that comes as a result of having to shove cotton up my vag hole for the better part of a week. I certainly can't speak for every woman, but this was a huge irritation to me.

The only drawback of the cup is that it might not be ideal for a gal who has to use a lot of public restrooms where the toilet isn't right next to the sink. I'm thinking it would be awkward to remove the cup, exit the stall to clean it, then return to the stall for re-insertion. I suppose if you were really motivated you could find ways around this, like carrying an extra cup in your purse, or searching out handicap stalls, etc. This is a non-issue for me since I'm home a lot, but I can see how the hassle would be a deal breaker for someone in this position.

When I first got the Cup, I had absolutely no intention of writing about it. I don't really like the idea of my thoughts about the products I use for my lady times being available to all the world. (I'm kinda private that way.) I changed my mind though, when I thought about the fact that I had put off buying it for so many years because I wasn't certain it would work. Had I known of someone who had tried it and liked it, I may have bought it sooner and not wasted all that money on tampons.

I want to offer some tips before buying and using the Cup:

*If you do decide to buy it, the link from the website will take you to where the cup is $32.49 plus shipping. Shop around. Jay bought mine at Wards Supermarket (a local store here in Gainesville) for about $27.

*Note that it comes in two sizes. Size One is for gals younger than 30 or those who hadn't given birth, and Size Two is for gals over 30 or those who had given birth vaginally.

*Once purchased, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY! This isn't the same as a tampon and you can't just go shoving it up there all willy nilly. Proper insertion is crucial to it working properly. Also, there are instructions about cleaning and storing it as well.

Happy menstruating!


Layrayski said...

Wow, I love the topic! Very informative. I didn't know there're three options to choose from during the red season.

You kinda sound serious writing this but I still got a chuckle. Love your posts. Hehe

And I love practical tips too. Things that I can save in the long run? I like.

Tammie said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Very interesting! I've heard of these but never given them a lot of thought; now I will. I can't use tampons so for me it would be a switch from pads, which would be a welcome change!

Aimie said...

Right on! I thought that I was the only person on the planet to have tried and liked these things! They do work really well I think too.

Tammie said...

I'm glad I have a Diva Cup comrade!
It's nice having you here, by the way. :)