Monday, June 9, 2008

What Could Have Been a Great Week in Pictures

Yes, I'm still bitching about my lack of a camera. The Geeks have informed me that my camera has been shipped back to my local Best Buy, but considering I don't know where the Geek Headquarters is (im assuming the Bermuda Triangle area), I still have no idea how long it will be before the camera is actually in my hands.

Jay and I had a busy weekend doing home improvement projects. After living in this house for about a year an a half, I finally got around to painting the girl's room. It needed it desperately. The previous owners had slopped some paint on the walls when they put it on the market, but they basically only painted the dirty spots and the color they used was different than what was on the walls. It was a sight. It is now a lovely pale green with white trim. It really is amazing the difference a coat of paint makes.

While I was painting, Jay, with help from our neighbor(thanks Dennis!), was busy installing French doors. Previously there was a huge space where the sliding glass doors leading outside would have been before the addition was built. It was never really an eyesore, but it just looked as if something was missing. Now it looks like our house is almost complete. It will look even better when we put new trim up, re-do the kitchen and paint the rooms on either side of these fancy new doors, but one step at a time. Deep breaths.

I've really been trying to be more crafty lately. I seem to have caught some type of craft bug that there is no cure for. I suppose this wouldn't be much of a problem if I had even, say, a modicum of talent. All I am doing though is cluttering up the house with my "projects" and littering counter tops with hot glue gun rods. Today I attempted to make a bowl out of magazine pages. I have been to numerous crafty websites and blogs over the past few days and they all say the magazine bowl is super easy. Apparently I missed the small print at these websites that said something like "This is easy for everyone except you Tammie. If you want to do something arty you need to just go back to coloring in your daughter's Spongebob coloring book. Don't forget to stay in the lines." Sigh. This is what the magazine bowl is supposed to look like(picture courtesy of my new fave crafty site, Mamiedale Does it Again) :

Lets just say, mine doesn't look like that. It's slightly lopsided and not nearly as neatly made. I am a crafting retard. (Maybe I'm being too hard on myself though because when my mom came home she picked it up and said, "Oh, how cool." And when Jay came home he asked me where it came from, like it was possible that I actually bought it or something. Not like, "Where did this piece of garbage come from? Have you been dumpster diving again?") My next art project is going to be to stencil some designs on the girl's dresser. Hopefully this project will not end in me needing to buy new furniture.

The boy came back from Orlando with a raging, blister filled sunburn. He has basically spent the first official day of summer sitting on the couch and trying really hard to a.) not move and b.) ignore his sister, who keeps laughing and telling him the skin on his back looks like an alligator. I may be in for a long summer.

Well, it's getting late and I think I'm going to crawl into bed with the new David Sedaris book. It has so far lived up to the hype and made me laugh out loud.

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