Saturday, June 28, 2008

Weekly Update

I haven't posted too much this week because every time I've had a few spare moments to blog, we've had horrendous thunder storms. I'm not really a chicken when it comes to weather, but considering our computer is right next to a glass door, I don't think using it is a wise idea when there is crazy lightning outside. Call me silly.

This morning, before the afternoon storms started, Jay, my mom, and I packed up the kids and went to Mill Creek Farm, which is a retirement community for horses. They provide a safe home for retired work horses or horses that have been abused. We've been here about half a dozen times since moving to Gainesville but this is the first time the girl is old enough to appreciate and enjoy it. There is no cost to get in but they do accept donations. The only thing they ask is that you bring carrots or other fruits and veggies to feed the horses. Growing up, I was never really one of those girls that wanted a pony, but I love these horses and I totally get into feeding them and watching the kids enjoy themselves. Plus, spending a few hours on a horse farm puts you far, far away from cable TV, the internet, and video games. It's nice to unplug, even if just for a few hours. Plus, I was able to ignore the many overflowing laundry hampers, at least for one more day.

Beginning the walk through the farm.

The boy and a horse. (Boy is on the left. HA)
The best thing about the above picture is what you don't see. Immediately after turning the corner, the boy slid right into a giant mud puddle, splashing mud on me, Jay, and the girl. It was awesome. My only complaint is that now I have muddy horse farm laundry to add to my eight tons of regular laundry.

As regular readers will know, I love to bake. Yesterday I was really in the mood to bake a vegan cake so I looked through my recipes and all the vegan cake recipes I have were just way too complicated for the mood I was in. So I decided to make a beer cake instead. About a year ago, Jay clipped the recipe for this cake out of the paper and it's been stuck to my refrigerator with an 'I brake for Intercourse, PA' magnet since then. I didn't have all the ingredients for this cake either, but it wasn't too difficult to talk Jay into going to the store for me since he knew that he'd get all the Guinness that wasn't used for the cake.

I admit that Guinness isn't my favorite kind of beer, but it does make a mean cake. Ten minutes after this picture was taken, the cake was half gone. (The boy helped me make it and he is well on his way to becoming a great pastry chef.)

One more thing I wanted to share is a picture of my latest purchase:

How adorable is that? It's the perfect size for holding a little bit of cash, some lip gloss, and a bunch of maxed out credit cards. You can have one too, for the low, low price of $6 plus shipping at Kung Fu Cowgirl. I especially love the way it was sent with a bunch of inexpensive trinkets like an eraser and some scratch and sniff stickers. I gave those to the girl and it totally distracted her from the fact that I had this fantastic new pouch that she would surely want.


Gili said...

that is a super cute pouch. i may just need to get myself one.

about my green dress, i actually found it a year ago at a garage sale for 3 bucks or so. when i tried it on, i knew i needed to save it for my first real reading. it's a magical, amazing dress.

thanks for all your lovely comments!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I love that horse sanctuary! It's so peaceful to visit, although sad too. I posted that same pic on my blog about not feeding fingers to the horses! lol
I LOVE that pouch, I'm going to check out that website.

Tammie said...

thats right dysfunctional mom! i remember that now. i think that was one of the first posts of yours that i read! sorry to plagiarize. ha ha

i get kinda sad at the horse sanctuary too---especially when i feed the blind horses. :(