Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Six Random Thoughts

Sometimes I want to blog but my brain isn't working properly or my daughter won't hush so I end up compiling a list for your reading pleasure. The fact that you may not be getting any actual pleasure out of the list is lost on me, so don't bother e-mailing me with your complaint.

1. Big News: Teddy Thompson has a new CD coming out on the seventeenth of this month titled, "A Piece of What You Need." I realize this may only be big news to me. (note to Jay: get out your earplugs--you know how it is when I get a new Teddy Thompson cd.)

2. I accidentally put way too much makeup on this morning. I feel as if I belong in a wax museum.

3. If the older gentleman that lives with me doesn't stop leaving the stove burners on, I will be forced to take away his stove burner privileges.

4. My neighbor is moving and he doesn't want to take some of his furniture with him. Jay pillaged his house yesterday and brought some stuff home to sell at the next garage sale. I have two giant, executive sized desks on my back porch. I have become one of those people that have inside furniture on the outside of their house. Thank God I have a fenced in yard so the freakin' office in my backyard cannot be seen from the street. I am so ashamed.

5. I think know there are mice living in the shed in the backyard. As much as this bothers me, I can't really bring myself to take any action to, um, dispose of them. (Especially after reading the Maus books by Art Spiegelman---I'm starting to see my cats as Nazis.) I'm going to take a sort of "Don't Ask Don't Tell" attitude with them. As long as they stay in the shed I will pretend I don't know they are there.

6. Nerds candy fresh from the box taste the same as year old Nerds candy scraped from the bottom of the glove compartment in the car. The color changes though---they turn brown over time. Don't ask how I know this.


I V Y O L O G Y said...

LOL! My dad does the same thing, re. the stove burners... I have to check them every night just incase he lights a cigarette in the morning and...well... KAboom.

You ate Nerd candy that was over a year old..? Oh, Tammie! lol! You are one sick individual, haha :P

Tammie said...

the stove burner thing is crazy...im not trying to be mean, but it could be dangerous!

and yeah, i ate old Nerds. its quite shameful isn't it?

tall penguin said...

"I accidentally put way too much makeup on this morning. I feel as if I belong in a wax museum."

lol, ya I think we've all done that!