Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Notes on Entertainment

Right now I'm listening to the new Teddy Thompson cd and loving it of course. I was worried this cd would be upbeat but I was wrong. Uptempo possibly, but not upbeat. It is impossible to be cheery while listening to a song that is titled, 'Turning the Gun on Myself'. Teddy is still bummed out. Bad for him. Good for me.

Last night Jay and I watched The Darjeeling Limited. Despite the fact that I don't find Jason Schwartzman, Adrian Brody, or Owen Wilson attractive in the least, I still really liked this movie. In short, it was about three brothers who travel around India trying to find their mom. It was funnier than I thought it would be and then sadder than I thought it would be. At the beginning of the movie was the short film, "Hotel Chevalier." A few months back I remember seeing this all over the internets, mainly because Natalie Portman's bare ass is in it, and anytime her naked ass is in anything it becomes hugely popular. I don't understand why this was a separate part of the movie, since it kind of explains a lot about Jason Schwartzman's character. And if you watched it without The Darjeeling Limited, it explains nothing. You really have to watch both together. The whole shebang is really worth your time. (Interesting fact: Had my second child been born a boy, we were seriously thinking of naming him Owen. My husband's last name is Wilson. Owen Wilson. Thank goodness she was a girl, since her parents forgot there was a doofy actor of the same name.)

I'm still reading 'Eat, Pray, Love'. I mentioned before how I'm liking it but having a hard time with the narrator. This is still ringing true. I love that Liz is taking time out of her life to nurture herself, so to speak, but she just seems to have such a selfish, self-obsessed view of everything. I am now reading the 'Pray' portion of the book which takes place in India, where she spends time (six weeks I think) at an Ashram. The Ashram is located in a very poor village. The author mentions only in passing how everyone living around the Ashram is dirt poor. She doesn't seem bothered by the fact that while she is spending hours upon hours working on her meditation, the people outside the Ashram are struggling just to survive. If I were in her shoes, I would have a hard time getting past this fact. I don't think I would be able to relax enough to meditate.

As much as I'm disliking Liz and her attitude, I think it's interesting how much I keep thinking about her. She is a good writer. If the book where crappy I would have thrown it aside by now. But it's making me think a lot---just in a different way than she would. I see things through the eyes of someone who is and always has been very working class, so I see Liz as a brat. But it's more than that. I guess I've always basically liked and been happy with myself, even when I'm a mess. So I find it irritating that Liz has to travel the world to find this part of her that makes her happy. It's almost childlike. AND THEN THERE IS THE CRYING! All the time with the crying. Seriously, if I were her friend in real life, I think I'd stop answering her calls.

I say all these bad things about her, but as soon as I get off the computer I'm going to pick up the book. I'm reading it every time I have a spare moment.

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Layrayski said...

Darjeeling... I'll keep an eye on that movie. Thanks.

I like your style. The twist at the end? I like the way you contradict yourself. Hehehe.