Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Jane Jenni stuff

When Jay and I went to Savannah we went into a shop that sold all sorts of fun and interesting kitchen items, (think Anne Taintor). I can't remember the name of the store for the life of me, but it was different from all the other kitchen stores in Savannah because it wasn't filled to the ceiling with Paula Deen items. She appears to be the Queen of Savannah dining.

I really could have blown a wad of cash in this store but my kitchen is cluttered as it is, and I didn't really have a wad of cash to blow in the first place. I couldn't resist purchasing a few of the Jane Jenni melamine plates pictured below. Jay says that when I bought them he was internally grumbling about the $9 a piece price tag, but he's since changed his mind because we use them all the time. The kids love them but they aren't too kiddie for adults to use when we cook out.We've been grilling out a lot lately and it's nice to not have to take glass plates outside or use wasteful paper plates.

Jay and I were fooling around on the internet the other night and we found this store that sells the full line of plates at 50 cents less than I paid in Savannah. They also carry cups and porcelain mugs of the same design. Now I just need a wad of cash.


I V Y O L O G Y said...

OH-MY-GOD! These are the funkiest plates I have ever seen. If I had them they would make me want to eat more! Now I really, really want some.

Tammie said...

my only complaint is that melamine isn't microwave safe. but dont think im going to let that stop me from buying more ;)

Layrayski said...

Those are the cutest plates that I have ever seen! I can see why you can easily blow a wadful of cash in these!