Saturday, May 24, 2008

Weekly Update

Earlier in the week when I started working on this weeks Update, my plan was to begin it by bitching that I didn't have anything to write about and how I need to get out more. But then I left the house a few times and now I have stuff to write about. I seriously need to make sure that I get out of the house regularly or else I'm going to start filling this blog with cat anecdotes. Remember people, I have five cats---I could devote a whole corner of the internet to cat stories.

On Wednesday Jay went to Best Buy and bullied a bunch of kids and knocked over some old people to be one of the twenty five to get a Wii Fit game. (Really, he didn't knock anyone over----I think.) If you haven't seen Wii Fit, it's a video game that comes with a balance board. Every time you step on the balance board it remembers who you are and knows your weight and BMI. You pick a trainer and do all sorts of exercises like yoga, strength training, and various aerobic workouts. The trainer and workout part is pretty cool. What I don't like is it will tell you from day to day if you've gained weight---by the ounce. Generally, I don't need to be reminded that I've put on weight. I'm well aware that the entire thing of hummus I just sucked up wasn't diet food. Plus, the Wii Fit is somewhat of a smart ass, as it has told Jay at least once this week that he needed to "watch it with the afternoon snacks." All in all though, it is an awesome purchase. I love having my own personal yoga instructor right in my house.

My new glasses arrived late this week and I'm wearing them at this very moment. The words on the screen are so crisp and easy to read. I feel as if I'm looking at a large print book. So this is what I've been missing out on for the last fifteen years. I would love to have a picture to put up of me wearing my new spectacles but my camera broke this week and is now in the capable hands of the Best Buy Geek Squad. (Jay's second trip to Best Buy this week.)

Friday night The String Kings played a show at the "Let's Go Downtown" pavilion here in Gainesville. I took my camera to this event but it failed to perform---my camera that is, not the musicians. It's a shame too, because the band looked really great against the backdrop of the brick pavilion. Plus there was a special guest. Hayden Brasher, the son of vocalist Danny Brasher, played some original songs on the guitar. I am no musical expert. I just know what I like and what sounds good to my ears. And he sounded really, really good. I am extraordinarily jealous of people who seem to have such an organic knack for making music and doing it well. Sadly, I had to leave before the Kings started their second set. It was getting dark and my overly social daughter was continuing to make herself known as a kidnappers dream by hugging complete strangers and running up to anyone with a puppy. I'm seriously thinking of investing in a Kid Leash.

Today we had a garage sale. With all the decluttering I do, it seems like our shed fills up very quickly and we are constantly having garage sales. What's funny is that I think we are getting well known for our good prices and excellent customer service because we seem to have many return customers. Jay, while naturally a salesman, is also motivated by a strong desire to not have to drag all the crap back into the shed---so our stuff gets sold! Personally, my favorite part of garage sale day is when I bring Jay coffee and remind him that "Coffee is for Closers!" (This is a well known line uttered by Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross. I cannot describe the joy it brings me when I'm able to appropriately work in an Alec Baldwin reference in everyday life. I get giddy!)

This evening Jay and I went out on our own. We went for drinks and then to the bookstore and just reconnected a bit. It felt good to go out just the two of us---we haven't been on the "same page" much this week. It's kinda hard to be on the same page when I'm acting like a psychotic bitch and he's being an immature asshole. But we are better now, in case you were concerned. We've done so much with the kids lately and just haven't had a lot of "us" time. It's good to be back on track.

See. I honestly didn't think the Update would be this lengthy. Be thankful---you made it through one more week without a cat anecdote. Which I've just decided, would be called "Catecdotes." (Really, I just thought of that just now.)

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