Thursday, May 15, 2008

Weekly Update

I've been thinking a lot about the Duggar's lately. In case you don't have the Discovery channel, the Duggars are a family of conservative Baptists that live in Arkansas. The wife, Michelle, is pregnant with the couples eighteenth child. The Duggars endorse the Quiverfull movement which basically states that children are a blessing from God and you should be ready, willing, and eager to have as many gifts as God sees fit. All forms of birth control and family planning are frowned upon. Excuse me if I think this is a crock of shit.

I have two children and I am very happy with my two. My hubs and I are done. To prove that we are done, Jay had a vasectomy after the girl was born. I asked him this morning if he minded if I mentioned this fact and he said, "No way. Why would I mind? I think every man should have one." I guess it's safe to say we will never be welcomed into Jim Bob Duggar's church. I just don't get that warm feeling in the pit of my tummy anymore when I see a baby. If someone I know has a baby, then I'm happy for them---but really, really thankful it isn't me.

I cannot even begin to imagine why one woman would want to mother eighteen children. How do you give each one the individual attention they need and deserve? You don't---unless you give up sleep. I would imagine that after a while the joy is just gone. The Duggars use the buddy system---an older child helps raise a younger child. I think this is incredibly selfish and irresponsible. Raising my children is a job for only myself and my husband---possibly some occasional grandparent input. It certainly isn't the job of a kid that came squirting from my birth canal a few years previous.

Another thing that bothers me about the Duggars is how they are always bragging about how they are debt free. Fanfuckingtastic for you Duggars. If you are debt free due to proper money management and careful spending, then I think that's awesome and you are to be applauded. But if it's because you rely on handouts from members of your church, who through some sort of misguided kindness, feel they need to help you clothe your eighteen children, then it's nothing to brag about. If you get paid to have your life taped by the Discovery channel, then it's nothing to brag about.

I use to watch the Duggar shows with a sort of sick fascination. Now I refuse to. I don't want to support them in any way. was good to vent about that.

In other news:

We are taking the family back out to the Farm to Family Music Festival this Saturday. The show starts at five and there is still time to get tickets for those locally who may be interested.

The boy passed the writing portion of the FCAT. It was good to breathe a sigh of relief about that. I despise the FCAT.

And lastly:

Is that a cucumber in my garden or am I happy to see you?
It's a cucumber---but I am happy to see you. It's only about four inches in length right now but it's no where near ready to pick yet.


:: Lesley :: said...

Now I feel 18 is a taaaaad extreme, a woman knows when she is done (or so i've been told) I hope I know when I'm done or else I may end up with 18 and wondering if I'm reading the "you're done" signals correctly. haha

Tammie said...

yeah, i know that i knew when i was "done."

i think michelle duggar may need to be told shes done. clearly she isn't reading the signals.