Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekend Warriors

My family and I have had a busy weekend.

Saturday night was the Farm to Family music festival. The music this month was a bit more folk sounding than last month, but enjoyable all the same. My favorite act of the evening was Chelsea Saddler, a twenty-one year old gal from Jacksonville. She played mostly original songs and I wish I had more to say about her, but I spent most of her set corralling children. The farm where the festival is held each month is on acres and acres of land--there are plenty of places for children to run and hide. This is fine for my son, who is old enough to know all the rules of safety. Not so fine for my daughter, who is extremely social and will latch on to any stranger who walks by. She has to be watched constantly.

I love the picture below because, not only does my daughter look absolutely adorable in her new tutu, but the shorts in the background are seriously kickin'. There is always plenty of tie dye for sale at the Farm to Family music festival. I shouldn't joke about the tie dye, because I did find myself eyeing a cute little skirt. I decided against it though and bought some beaded bracelets instead. Three things always in abundance at the festival: beaded jewelry, tie dye, and organic food.

The farm also has a huge field of wildflowers from which I routinely steal bouquets, as evidenced in the three pictures below. I almost didn't add the third picture since my nasty beige bra strap is showing. But then I thought, "Eh, screw it." Life is neither perfect or always pretty---and I have the four year old bras to prove it.

The show didn't end until eleven, but we left a bit after eight since the girl and I have been fighting head colds all weekend. On the way out we saw a family of deer grazing on the side of the road. (Do deer graze? Would that be the correct word to describe what deer do?) They looked so peaceful. That just isn't something we see here in the "city".

Sunday morning I was lounging around in bed when Jay said, "Hey---you want to take the kids to the beach today?" My first thought was, "No way. Especially since I've only had this one weak-ass cup of coffee." Despite having lived in Florida most my life, I don't get much enjoyment out of the beach. My idea of a fun beach time includes lounging in a hammock in the shade, reading a good book, and being served a coconut flavored alcoholic beverage by Alec Baldwin. That's about it. I'm pretty sure this isn't an option at any beach in Saint Augustine. But my kids have been wanting to go to the beach ever since it started warming up, and I have stupidly been promising that we will go. So everyone quickly threw on their swimsuits, slapped on some SPF 50, and we drove to the beach. And I will be the first to admit that I actually had a good time. Although, my enjoyment came mostly from watching my kids have a fun. If I had to entertain myself alone at the beach, I'd probably go nuts.

Since it was such a spur of the moment trip, we forgot most of the usual beach necessities so we weren't able to stay long. But we promised the kids we'd plan a much longer trip sometime in the near future.

Now it is Monday and everyone is back at work and school. The house is a mess. I have tons of laundry to do that was ignored all weekend, and the backseat of the car is filthy with sand and Cheeto dust. But it's worth it.

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