Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Beauty Guru and I were discussing politics today. Poor Beauty Guru. Being the lone liberal living in a very conservative town, she is getting it from all sides lately. Her husband is upset because her vote essentially cancels out his. She's finding herself in politically charged "discussions" at the kids' baseball field. To top it all off, when she sits down at the computer to read her many beauty related e-mails, she finds her inbox flooded with right wing, anti-Obama propaganda. The gem she passed on to me today was an "Alert" about how Obama wants to start a Jihad in the United States. Sigh.

Do people really think that these types of e-mails will change minds? Do people really believe any information that is contained in an e-mail sent from an unknown source? Does the sender think that because they threw in a scripture and mentioned Jesus that the e-mail seems more reputable? (This e-mail didn't come from just anybody---it came from someone who read the book of Luke. It must be true!)

This election year has grown very tiring. I don't want to hear anymore about it. I don't want to dissect everything every candidate says anymore. I'm tired of non issues being turned into scandals. I'm tired of the news in general. I'm tired of Hillary's pantsuits and John McCain's freakish looking wife. I'm tired of hearing the insipid remarks about Barack Obama's middle name being Hussein. Big deal. My middle name is Marcel. This doesn't mean I'm French or that I have a long term goal of being a mime, a la Marcel Marceau. It's a stupid thing to say, so drop it.

I'm tired of Pat Buchanan being on TV all the time. Does this old codger ever sleep? I'm tired of statistics and numbers and exit polls and projections. I'm tired of delegates and super delegates and the crazy math used to figure out who has the most delegates. I'm tired of graphs and chart and John King and his telestrator. I'm just plain tired. It's not even half over yet.

What is simply tiring to me though, is downright stressful for Beauty Guru. She doesn't want to go around voicing her political opinion, but is really left no choice when people start forcing their own opinions on her. Plus, she has to maintain peace in her slightly divided house. That alone would make anyone nuts. Maybe this is why she will be hunkered down this weekend at a cabin in the woods, at an otherwise undisclosed location.


:: Lesley :: said...

I hate politics..... too political for me. LOL

Tammie said...

ha ha...i wouldn't say i hate it, but i basically only take an interest when i think something is going to effect me. kinda selfish i guess.