Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I have no idea where he learned this behaviour...

A few weeks ago my friend Elizabeth sent us a link to the website passiveaggressivenotes.com. (http://www.passiveaggressivenotes.com/). We visit the site fairly regularly now for the occasional chuckle, knowing we would never be on the receiving end of such passive aggressive behaviour.

(Cue the slightly uncomfortable, ironic laughter now.)

As you know, I am constantly looking for ways to lower my electric bill. Now that the warm weather is upon us, this is getting harder and harder. We have two air conditioner units and within a month or so, they will both be running non-stop until probably early November. We absolutely cannot live without air conditioning, so to lower the bill we are going to have to cut back on something else.

I thought we would try to lower the temperature on the hot water heater. The water is not as hot as I would like, but still warm enough to shower comfortably and get clean. The first night of the change, after everyone had showered, I conferred with all the adults in the house and we were all in agreement that the water temp was fine. The only one who seems to have a problem with it is the boy. Since the change, he has complained about it every night. We, figuring he was just being disagreeable, have basically been ignoring him.

This morning though, he left me something I couldn't ignore. When I went in the kid's bathroom to clean it, I found this little passive aggressive note written on the wall with a bathtub crayon:

I am somewhat shocked he chose to take the argument this far---I thought he would have given up by now. I did decide to turn the water heater up a few degrees though, as a reward for his creativity.

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