Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Eight Reasons Why I Hate Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Update: If you hate Elisabeth too, come over to a more recent post and tell me why. Thanks.

1. Her bikini clad body is on the cover of my new Fitness magazine, deeming it nearly impossible for me to pick up and read.

2. Also on the cover, a quote where she says, "I lost my baby weight without dieting." I took one for the team here and read the rest of the interview. Some of Elisabeth's meals include egg white omelets with spinach, energy bars, and ground turkey and veggies in a tortilla. Wanna know what I had for dinner yesterday? A piece of peanut butter pie. You wanna know what I'm eating as I type this? A twix bar. I consider Elisabeth's eating plan to be a diet. Screw you Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Screw. You.

3. She routinely dresses her baby in Burberry. I HATE seeing babies and toddlers dressed in Burberry. I cannot think of a showier way to display your wealth other than by dressing your baby in a $115 kilt that everyone knows cost $115 because it's covered in that stupid Burberry plaid. Plus, the first time that kid eats pizza while wearing that kilt, it's going to become a $115 dish rag. Unless, of course, the child is on the same "non-diet" as mom.

4. Throughout the interview she uses the word "strong" way too much. As in, exercising makes her feel "strong." She wants her daughter to think she's "strong." Basically, she exercises to be "strong." Yet, she is on the cover of the magazine in a teeny-tiny bikini---not at all looking "strong." Screw you Elisabeth Hasselbeck, you exercise to look good in a bikini. Again, Screw. You.

5. She was previously on Survivor. I hate Survivor.

6. She is currently on The View. I hate The View.

7. I once read a quote by her in a different magazine where she said something to the effect of, "When packing for a trip with my daughter, I pack individual outfits and hair accessories in baggies--so that when I dress her I can just grab a baggie and everything is there." WOW Elisabeth! You are so clever to think to use baggies for their intended purpose--the neat saving and storage of something for a later use.

8. She has stumbled into fame, despite the fact that she appears to be a functional retard. (Okay, for the record, I have no proof she is a retard and I honestly have nothing against mentally challenged people. But I hate this woman and it's my damn blog and I can write whatever the hell I want.)


Becky..AMHW said...

I too hate "The View". I want to smack the lot of them, bunch of cackling estro-tards. Meredith Viera should have gotten out way before she did. Still, she has dignity to salvage.

Right now my two year old is dressed in a diaper. That's it. Before he pulled off his clothes he dressed himself in hand me down pajama bottoms and a clashing sweatshirt two sizes too small. Accessories? Yes, he accessorized. He wiped a booger on that sweatshirt.

(I may have to copyright "estro-tard")

Tammie said...

at least your toddler accessorizes with boogers---mine chooses to eat them.

i will totally give credit where it is due if i ever use the word estro-tard.

Jo said...

OK, this is the first good laugh I have had in days. You all sound like my kind of women. And I agree--she is a twit.

Tammie said...

Jo: so wonderful having you here!

Hasselbeck is a twit!

Jenn said...

so I just randomly found your blog and I am SO glad I read's just one of those "I feel better now" pieces. Elizabeth IS a twit, and an uninformed one at that. I just watched her bash Matt Damon about Palin and she started her defense with "Disney doesn't make bad movies" Only an estro-tard (C. Becky) starts out a political discussion with that line... (oh and right now I am eating pudding! take THAT non-diet)

Tammie said...

Jenn: I'm so glad you stopped by and that my little rant made you feel good.

I came home last night and saw the whole matt damon/disney thing. sigh. im amazed that elisabeth has the nerve to continue arguing about issues she seems to know nothing almost embarrassed for hasselbeck. the fact that her opinions are so uninformed is what makes listening to her so irritating.

hope the pudding was good. i just finished some gooey homemade mac and cheese, so yeah, my non-diet is blown too.

Jenn said...

lol so I was still looking for Elizabeth disapproval because she is jut dumb, and it makes me sad to see ill informed people make so much money being rude and aggravating and i found some comments that might make your day too! (and the pudding was great!) check these out:

Tammie said...

ooh thank you jenn...i just spent a few moments of my sunday morning drinking coffee and reading the comments.

people love to hate elisabeth. it's just so easy.

tipi's mom said...

i just want to know when elizabeth is going to work with the other uneducated dimwits on the fox channel. you can be of a different opinion but know all the facts before you spew your ideologies on the rest of us. she is a reality show "survivor" who has outlived her 15 minutes of fame.please disappear!

Tammie said...

Tipis mom: you're right, we really need to get a petition started to just get her moved over to fox news. i avoid that channel like the plague already so she would be very easy for me to forget about.

on occasion there have been times when i wanted to watch the view because of a particular guest that was going to be on but i couldn't because i just cant stomach hasselbeck. she makes my blood boil.

its completely not acceptable for her to voice her opinions about such things as black people or people who can't afford health insurance. her argument with whoopi about the n-word showed just how out of touch she is with society.

it floors me that she even thinks it's ok to assume she knows how black people feel or should feel.

every time someone comments on my blog about her, i can always find more reasons to dislike her. the hatred i have for her seems to be unstoppable.

Chrissy Snow said...

People like Elizabeth are why I stopped going to church.

Tammie said...

Chrissy: To be totally blunt, people like elisabeth are the reason i stopped going to church as well.

anb1971 said...

I do not have time to go and create an account just to reply, but my name is Toni. I am so glad that there are other people out there in the world who hate EH. She makes me sick to my stomach with her self-righteousness. Who cares about her life or her kids! I sometimes cannot even watch "The View" because she is on with her whiny little voice. How her husband stays married to her, I have no idea. I do not agree with cheating in a marriage, but if he did I would not judge him. Just saw Oct 2nd, episode of "The View" and finally glad Barbara said what all of us want to say "EH, your way is not always right." The audience was so glad the statement was made. Woo, that felt good to get off my chest!

Tammie said...

anb1971: I MISSED THAT!!! I'll have to go see if I can find it on the interweb.

And don't worry're not alone. A lot of people hate Elisabeth. My little blog which was mainly started to talk about my kids/family, has a regular readership of maybe two dozen visitors. On weekdays when there is a lot of EH on the TV, I sometimes get close to 150 different visitors, all people just like you.

chiwuwu said...

Hi Tammie,

just stopping by to add a link to a fab post by Beth Arnold on the stupidity of EH and im'Palin.

Enjoy! Michelle

john said...

Thank you sooo much for letting me vent!!! I HATE ELIZABETH HASSLEBECK. I am not usually a hateful person. I understand that all of us, humans that is, are prone to occasionally saying something unintelligent and opinionated, especially if on TV. However, Mrs. Hasslebeck takes the cake, in fact, she takes the entire bakery! She is CLEARLY the "weakest link" on "the View" talk show. Her support of the Palin/McCain campaign is tolerable, but, her lack of intelligence and failure to know the facts is unacceptable. I feel bad for Barbara Walters whom has spent her life earning respect as a journalist and reporter and now has to sit next to the "blonde bimbo" whose only reason for being cast on the show, is to represent the "middle aged female" point of view. If she just sat in the chair and said nothing, she would be better off! Unfortunately, she makes a fool out of herself every time she opens her mouth! I see why she likes Sara Palin so much. Both are middle aged women whom are desperately trying to hold on to their diminishing beauty and they both have no idea how foolish they look when they attempt to question the integrity of Barak Obama! I hope ABC realizes how many people dislike Mrs. Hasslebeck and would love to see her booted off "The View"! I feel sorry for her husband Matt, he's injured this season, his team is in last place, and his wife is a -----!

Mrs Parks said...

I HATE her toooooo!

Tammie said...

michelle: thanks so much. i just read the article and especially like the paris hilton comparison. i never really thought about it that way but it is true that she became famous basically for doing nothing.

john: so happy to let you vent. i saw on the news today that she was speaking at a republican rally. she was even more snide than usual. it was nauseating.

mrs parks: thank you for joining our little club.


A.H. said...

I agree with everything here. . . but a lot has happened since you wrote this in May. I think you need to update!

auntienutz said...

Just wanted to see if you can post this. I posted to another site and thought I would share. I usually don't watch "womens programs", but flip channels and occasionally catch parts of the view for laughs.

Submitted by Joe S. on Wed, 10/29/2008 - 05:52
I think Elisabeth Hasselback is really Debbie Matenoupolous in disguise. Either that or they are twins that were born without brain stems at birth and separated.

Let Elisabeth go live in a lower income neighborhood in Brooklyn, struggle working 3 part time jobs 7 days a week, while going to college full-time. All because your parents make several hundred dollars over the poverty level and you can not get much financial aid.

While helping to take care of a younger sibling and three grandparents dying from diabetes/cancer/leukemia. Taking two buses to college each way.

Do that and then get back to me in about 2 years or so and let me know how your "VIEW" is then.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I am not even African-American.

Just call me Joe 6-pack, no make that 24-pack, the unemployed plumber. Yeah booze, guns and aircraft, what a combination.

Sorry that I wasn't born in a ritzy town like Newport, Rhode Island. Talk about DUUUUUUUMMMMMMBBBB.

She is worried about the qualifications of the candidates, what the hell qualifications did she have to be on a show like this???

Also, the republicans have become this bible thumping bunch, but they practice very little of it. Maybe they should stop thumping their feet in the mens room.

OR dumping their wife for a trophy 30 years younger that looks like she picked him up out of the graveyard before they closed the casket.

Jesus hated rich people and that is all most Republicans are. White, Rich, Hillbillies that are still living with the mentality of the 1860's segregationist south. Wake-up America. We do not need terrorists to do us in. We did it to ourselves with the people we elected and left in charge of our money.

Submitted by mary e. on Sun, 10/26/2008 - 06:08
Joe S, I'm giving you a slow hand clap.......excellent

Submitted by janet g. on Sat, 10/25/2008 - 15:27
absolutely Joe! right on the money

Submitted by letty h. on Sat, 10/25/2008 - 14:46
so why havent the democarts helped you ? AND AS FOR OBAMA HE IS RICH HE IS A MILLIONIAR . he went to the best schools , to an elite university , so get informed before you speak. he may be democrat but he is rich so god hates him too . if we go by what you said that go hates rich people.and let me tell you about your great obama your crying becouse you live in the getto, well maybe if you obama would approve vouchers so that people like you and others could have same opportunity to go to a better school like his RICH chldren attend so to get a better education, if you believe that if obama makes it everything will be better wake up .and why dont you get joy to help you ,she is the big mouth idiot, so stop your crying already and about being born in the getto, thats not elizabeths fault , ask your parents about that, sounds to me like your Jealous of her life . and about jesus hating he does not hate jesus is love, what HE SAID ABOUT THE RICH IS THEY PUT ALL THERE FAITH IN THERE MONEY , SO IT IS HARDER FOR A RICH PERSON TO GET TO HEAVEN BECOUSE HE LOVES HIS MONEY, BUT AT THE SAME TOKEN JUST BECOUSE YOU ARE POOR DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE WITH OUT SIN, AND GOD HATES SIN. and he also said You shall have no other gods before me. and that is what people are doing whith obama PEOPLE ACT AS IF HE IS GOD they worship him.

Submitted by Joe S. on Mon, 10/27/2008 - 20:48
I wasn't born in a lower income neighborhood. We had to live there because my dad was hit by a drunk driver, spent 5 months in hospital, lost his job, we had no income and no options. These are just some of the circumstances we have dealt with in the last 30 years. I am a member of Mensa and have been going to school for social work and public service, so I am not going to college to make money. Materialism has never meant anything to me or my family. We just want to have security and a decent working wage to survive. AIRHEAD. Dumber Ass than Elizabrain. Republicans talk about the sanctity of marriage, while dumping their spouses. I would like a poll on how many Republican marriages end in divorce and how many Democratic marriages end in divorce. Palins kid is having a baby out of wedlock. If that was Obama's daughter, we would never have heard the end of it. For the record, I am an independent and have voted for both parties in the past, so get your facts straight. As for the rich, I am sure Obama gives away more of his wealth that McCain. That is the sin-people should start "saving their riches for heaven." If you would check the internet, you would see that John McCain had to sign a Pre-nuptial with his current "Trophy Wife" after dumping his first wife, because Cindy's family did not want to "share the wealth."

Submitted by letty h. on Tue, 10/28/2008 - 16:14
what does palins daughtor have to do with anyhting , okay she became pregnant before marriage , should she kill her baby by abortion to please you all, you all and others here are not with out sin , as for what you are going to school for , with your attitude toward girls who become pregnant before marriage maybe you should pick another line of work who dio you think you will be helping, and door swings both ways what if mccain was part of a racist church, associations with radical groups , they would not here the end of it.and as for mccains houses , so what if hey have several homes, i dont see obama as a poor man , he is not poor nor is his running mate and are you sure obama gives away more of his wealth , i dont think nor does his stupid side kick, and the sin people do is judging other only god can judge ..

and who cares about such a stupid survey poll on how many Republican marriages end in divorce and how many Democratic marriages end in divorce

what point are you trying to make ? are you trying to prove that democrates are saints? lol

the democrats have been in charge of congress for the last 2 years which included nancy pelosi, so what have they done for his economy for he last 2 years nothing. they are the ones in control .

he who is with out sin cast the first stone.


No one said any woman should kill their baby dependent on someone elses opinion. And no matter who is elected the problems we have now will probably need more than 8 years to be fixed. So, I wouldn't blame either candidate down the road, but that is to be debated in the future.

The problem with typing is that people can not hear the tone of words typed and thus read into them what they already hear stored in their owns heads-even if some of them are empty. I never said abortion was appropriate and Pro-Choice does not mean pro-abortion. It means giving women the right to decide what to do. Republicans talk about the sanctity of marriage and all this crap, meanwhile having children out of wedlock, thumping their feet for sex in mens rooms and dumping their wives after they are in a horrible car accident for a younger, wealthier model like McCain did. (His wife didn't dump him after he returned from war all battered.) Isn't it supposed to be for better or for worse? Also, before someone brings up Clinton. I think that whole thing with Lewinsky the pig was a total set-up. As for another sidebar, probably much the same with ACORN, probably some Republican planting forms to make it look like a Democrat did it. Although, I know many people are silly and write Mickey Mouse on forms for contests, etc. All forms submitted had to be accounted for, so we will have to wait for that outcome.
At least Democrats acknowledge all their shortcomings.
There was a blonde woman filling in for Hasselbrain last week and we thought she was very intelligent and could see both sides of an issue and she was a Republican I believe. No one in the house knows who she was, but she would make a great replacement-Permanently!!!

Submitted by nancy o. on Wed, 10/29/2008 - 17:14
"AND AS FOR OBAMA HE IS RICH HE IS A MILLIONIAR . he went to the best schools , to an elite university , so get informed before you speak."
And McSame didn't????!!!!!! However, Obama was raised by a single mom and lifted himself up to where he is, - while McSame was a spoiled brat who got into the academy because his grandfather and father were admirals. Obama was ranked first in his Harvard class. McSame was somewhere like third or fourth from the Bottom of his.
No, you need to get don't know what you're talking about just like EH. duh

Submitted by Brenda M. on Wed, 10/29/2008 - 16:56
Letty H. - Who said Obama is rich, do you know that for yourself? If he is,he's one of the first that acknowledge that he is and feels every american should have the same opportunity. He wants to share the riches and he's being called a socialist and communist. Unless, you have the dollars like your girl elisabeth, he's fighting for your A**.

Submitted by Marie D. on Wed, 10/29/2008 - 15:46
To Letty H....You are an imbecile just like Elisabeth.....Next time you want to post a comment, please do yourself a favor and ask someone with a brain to review it first...Even my 6yr old nephew could teach you how to spell "because" which you spelled "becose"....What an idiot!


marika.p said...

Sorry folks, me again. I can't help myself. Isn't is sooo obvious that in the last week or so the McCain camp has distanced itself from Sarah Palin? That stupid woman was only put in to entice the people who would have otherwise voted for Hillary Clinton, had she won pre-selection for President. Seems to me the American public are not as stupid as the Republic Party had hoped.

Can't wait to see Wednesday’s episode of The View. I wonder if Elizabeth will be too distraught to make it into work.

Tammie said...

ha ha....tomorrows episode will be interesting.

RLW said...

I have to say that I'm somewhat amused by many of the posts I've read here. What jumps out at me is the fact that most of the women are putting so much negative energy into hating Elisabeth Hasselbeck and sound just as narrow-minded and bigoted as they say she is. I say they need to "GET A LIFE"!!! I've never seen so much hatred and negativity coming from one place. I think both liberals and conservatives need to avoid making broad generalizations!!!---which one defintely sees here. Atleast EH is brave enough to share her opinions in an environment that mostly shoots down anything she has to say. I think you that hate her so much need to listen to your own criticisms towards her. You sound just as narrow-minded, opiniontated, & hateful as the people you're describing. Let's listen to eachother respectfully, without attacking the individual. I know there are honest, decent representatives from both parties, and all the hateful, namecalling, rhetoric does nothing to heal the rifts in our nation. I didn't vote for Obama, but he is my president, and needs my/our support and prayers. We can all disagree without getting petty and immature in our reactions to another's different opinions. Get a life and grow up!!! This kind of blog just stirs up hatred and more hateful rhetoric when we need to sit down and dialogue, thoughtfully and repectfully. The tones I see demonstrated here are immature and over the top! Again, grow up! RLW

Tammie said...

well its about time i got a hasselbeck supporter over here.

and you are right in that there are a lot of silly, flippant comments here.....that is the general nature of my blog. but you obviously didn't read all the comments left here. there are some incredibly well thought out ones...especially at the more recent post that is mentioned at the top of this post.

you say that we are "narrow minded and opinionated". There is nothing wrong with being opinionated. I love opinionated, and so do my readers. But EH spews her opinions loudly and seemingly without doing research first. That is what most of us hate about her. (again, a lot of this is covered in the comments of the other post.)

I do agree we all need respectful dialogue. You also have to understand that people like myself (liberals) have not been allowed to have an open dialogue for the last eight years. We have heard "you're either for us or against us" anytime we showed any disagreement in anything the Bush administration did.

For what it's worth, I find it very hypocritical of you to tell us to get a life when you just took the time to comment here yourself.

Tammie said...

i wanted to add...i do appreciate you stopping by and i love dialogue so please come back.

also, if you look around you'll see that my blog isnt a political's mostly about my kids and family. this particular post just seems to have a life of its own.


Terri said...

I think Elizabeth Hasselbeck is an idiot!

Here is my list of reasons!!!

1. Her closed mind is what makes me hate her amongst other things. She can only see one point of view! She is of one opinion and can't see it any other way!!! Hate her!!!!

2. She talks about her stupid kids on the show way too much, no one knows them. Why do we care to hear about it?

3.I hate that she can't speak with out saying "In terms of" every other sentence.

4.She is constantly giving her resume on The View.

5.She thinks she is cute with her constant interupting and chatter. No one likes you SHUT UP!!!

6.She is not qualified to give an opinion in a box somewhere in a deserted area much less on a TV show that has a group of women that are supposed to be educated. This would give them the ability to give an educated opinion on current events.

7.The conservative crap that she is constantly spewing is insane. How did she have children she acts like she is too conservative to have sex to be able to have children!

8.She looks like she is cross eyed. I can't stand to see her straight on because of that.

There are my 8...hehe!!! Boy we just hate her!!!

Anonymous said...

It's very evident you're all ignorant, bitter, and I guess jealous of a successful independant women who has made something of herself and isn't affraid to stand up for herself and be "strong". Try to focus on yourselves and change what's causing you to be a bitter, angry person instead wasting energy dis-respecting others.

For your eight reasons you hate Elizabeth, I can give 10 reasons I hate you simply from reading your blog... but I'll save us both the time.

Try to put yourself in her shoes. Your children would be wearing the same thing if you had her money. But, remember money can be the root of all evil. So maybe try and appreciate what you have rather than let yourself get worked up because your jealous of someone who has looks, fame, money, education, pride, self-worth, and dedication.

Tammie said...

anonymous: your argument is laughable and fact im not real sure what the point of it is. im not sure why you "hate" me (as you say) other than the fact that i have a differing opinion about a celebrity. i welcome people with opinions different from my own, but only if they can have an honest, open dialogue without rudeness.

no, i don't have hasselbecks money...but that has nothing to do with my self worth. and actually money isn't the root of evil, the love of money is the root of all evil. if you want to quote the bible at least get it right.

also, i find it hypocritical for you to say that i am "wasting energy disrespecting others" when your comment is equally hateful.

i wrote this post about EH a long time ago now and at the time had no idea it would get so political. it's just a silly little piece about a celebrity i had a problem with. i have problems with a lot of celebs. most people do--it goes a long with being in the public eye.

finally, as for your comment about how my children would be wearing Burberry if i had EH's money. No, they wouldn't. I like name brands as much as the next gal, but I think Burberry is a tacky display of wealth.

Heather said...

wow, Tammie, i bet you had no idea what you were in for when you posted this the originally, huh? craaaazeee! I had to take a peek, I haven't looked since the election. Can't believe the beat goes on.... (well, I dunno, I haven't watched her for a while, so maybe I can believe it, I doubt much has changed over there)

Tammie said...

i know!! it still shocks me when i get comments over here. i had no idea it would be so political.

i dont watch the View much anymore either, but i still get hits daily from people typing it "I Hate Elisabeth Hasselbeck."

lilkunta said...

Hello Tammie
Yes U'll get comment for perpetuity. EH is college educated so she knows how to do research, yet she chooses not 2.

She is an embarrassment. TV needs 2get a Conservative who knows what the hell she is talking about.

Do u use msg boards? Go 2 TV msg board & EH's msg board & see the comments. TV/ABC/BarbaraW have 2 be aware but choose 2 ignore he pleas from across the US. That is y TV wont ever win an emmy !

Anonymous said...

EH behaves like a child trying to play grownup. She is stupid and I can't believe she was the only replacement they could find for Lisa Ling. She is a total jerk.

roy said...

She made me GAG when she went to Washington DC right before Bush left & praised him up & down & thanked him profusely. I seriously thought I was gonna throw up

Tammie said...

anonymous: at this point i have to think that the only reason they keep EH on the view, is because of all the publicity she/the show gets because of the hatred.

roy: i didnt see that (thank god) but it does sound nauseating. and i have to wonder what she was thanking him for? what good did he do in his eight years in office?!?! ugh.

Anonymous said...

Having a terrible 2 member in hospital.........strokes......... a woman,of course.....

I Hate Hasselbeck.......she DOES NOT NEED TO WORK!!! stay home-miss know -it-all,,,,,,,,,,

ahhhhhhh....feel tiny bit better

Hate her and all obnoxious idiots like her!!!!!!

Tammie said...

anon: im sorry about your family member. i hope things get better for you soon.

glad this made you feel a tiny bit better.

hang in there.

lalaface2009 said...

LOL I googled "I hate Elizabeth Hasselbeck" and this came up! Bravo, good work.

She sucks, her and Bush can ride off into the sunset together off the face of a cliff for all I care. Her politics and views make me want to slap her with a wet willy.

An Average Person said...

I turned on "The View" this morning...and once again I had reason to hate Elisabeth Hasselbeck. So while I'm sitting here at my computer, I googled, "I hate Elisabeth". I couldn't remember her last name. Isn't it funny that when you simply type in, "I hate Elisabeth" you get a ton of websites that refer to Elisabeth Hasselbeck?! Hysterical...and somehow peaceful, at the same time. It's like going to group therapy!
She drives me insane! Someday when she grows up, she will look back on her young self, what she said, how she reacted, etc., and be as horrified as we all are when we do the same. Unfortunately for her, she is doing it all on TV for the world to see. Too bad for her.
I also find it funny that you posted your blog on this subject many months ago and you are still getting responses! HA!! Thanks!
I, too, like to post about things that just tick me off. Perhaps you can seing by my blog sometime. They call me... MamaJamsa

Anonymous said...

Wow. I'm sorry to see that so many people seem to dislike Elizabeth Hasselbeck. I actually am glad that she is a voice different from those on the show.


Tammie said...

mama: im going to find your blog right now.

anon: i think we would all be happy if she was just a more educated voice.

teri said...

I dont watch the View that often and I dont want to smear anyone but why doesnt she get that wandering eye fixed. Its called wall eyed and my sister had it as a child and it is not that complicated of an operation. She shouldnt go around throwing slurs at people when she has a noticeable flaw.

Tammie said...

teri: i had never noticed the eye thing but now im going to watch the view just to check it out. your comment totally made me laugh.

Kathleen said...

Its like I found the MOTHER SHIP!! Just for fun I goggled, "Ihateelisabethhasselbeck", and your sight popped-up!! It is nice to know I am not alone. I too, like some of the others that have posted here, am not a hateful person. I don't usually like to use the word hate but.........COMMON!!! She has to be in the top 10 people who truly, (as my Irish Grandmother used to say) gets my IRISH up!!! When she speaks in that 'nails on a chalk board' voice of hers...face all pinched up with her toooo close together eyes droning on and on and on......looking constipated like she is going to have a BM right there on the view for all to view....PU......It makes me want to end my life!! lol This women claim to fame was she was a player on Survivor?? She didn't even win...or place in the top 2...what was she 4th or 5th? Is it me or has she been wearing black a lot since the election? Poor Bethy....are you in mourning? YUCK!

Anonymous said...

I too dislike Elizabeth Hasselbeck. I believe she is a smartass. I do not like her continuous intteruptions of others conversations and points on the view. I didn't like watching her on dress for less or whatever it was, and I don't like her I am so great attitude. She is disrespectful and tries to make a point but can't because she speaks to hear herself. I liked the view until she became on of the hosts. The only time I did like it was when Rosie O'Donnell told her like it was all the time, I was hoping E.H. would have left. But yes, she gets on my nerves and I agree with whomever wrote about her daughter wearing all Burberry all the time, what an idiot!! She doesn't understand how bad her job is just as in jeopardy as anyone elses but she will see.

Anonymous said...

I also looked for

I have written to The View twice now asking for her to be removed from the show. She is so hyper and narrow minded about politics. If she had some independent thought and not just republican idealism and rhetoric, I may be able to tolerate her.

She is cuter and younger than the other hosts on The View, but she is like nails on a chalkboard when she speaks. Her lack of peace makes me nervous to listen to her or watch her. I like listening to Whoopi and Joy the most.

The latest conversation about Twitter and tweeting is driving me mad too. This woman is self obsessed.

Thank you for the use of this site.

Miss D. said...

Tammie: I hadn't read this post of yours before and the comments are CRACKING MY SHIT UP. Oh my god.

I wish we could be friends in person. I loved this post so much. :)

Carmen said...

Elizabeth Hasselbeck is the biggest idiot ALLOWED to be on TV. Every time she opens her mouth I want to stick a HUGE piece of REALLY BAD cheesecake in it!!! - I mean OH MY GOD! - She says "Nancy Pelosi should resign" - Who the HELL does she think she is??? Reality TV does NOT make you a CELEBRITY!!! or at least it should not make one so... I feel this woman will be outed eventually as 1) an abortion clinic bomber 2) a closeted lesbian or 3) a NAZI

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I work from home - have tv on in the background most days. Normally not The View...but couldn't get away to change the channel today.

I used to watch it but this person gets to me so much that I had to stop.Honestly I would love to just smack that santimonious smirk off that bitch's face! I so dislike her. I don't think I have ever had such a response to another human in my life. (okay Dick Cheney!) This all led me to your blog. Love it! Thanks for the giggle and letting me know I am not the only one with such a reaction to to this dimwit!

Anonymous said...

I have been looking for a website that is devoted to people that do not like that close minded, rude, and of course completly irritating wench Elizabeth Hasselbeck. I assure you that I have never done this before, but no one has ever made me turn the tv off before like this thing does. I can't wait for her to have this baby and be on leave so I can watch The View again, I love Whoopie and Barbara. As I read your blog I was in total agreement with most of the comments. I would never wish bad things on anyone, but if her husband cheated or left her it would be exactly what she deserves. I just hope he takes the kids so she doesn't destroy then with all of her useless and close minded opinions. I could go on and on about all of the things I hate about this thing that for some reason ABC let's on tv but I will only say one thing, its racists and conservatives like her that make this country scarey. Love your blog, thanks for putting it out here. Kat

Anonymous said...

....When EH says, "Oh have you been drinking the Obama kool Aid again?"......when someone gives our President a she REALLY comparing Obama to Jim Jones?!! I cannot understand why no one else has ever said that to her!!!

PS A fact....When the victims of Jonestown were either forced or willfully drank the 'Kool Aid' wasn't even the brand name Kool was Flavor Aid. Kool Aid got a bad rap due to that.

shortcake said...

Throw that Hassle BACK! She is so incredibly close minded and rude. I can't believe how unprofessional and nasty she can be to invited guests on the View. She was totally disrespectful to a tarot card reader on the view today. Why does the View even put her in a segment if she cant act professionally until its over? I find her insulting and since i watch the view less and less since shes been on , i think i m going to cut it off completely. I cant endorse a show that gives a platform to such a stupid woman. The sound of her voice has become intolerable to me. Who would marry and proocreate with that ding bat? I wonder if her husband is as much of a closeminded idiot as she is. I hope she starts closing her legs because i dont want a ton more little HASSLES walking around.

shortcake said...

B.t.w. Thank you fo this blog! I really do hate her and im so glad that this blog is available or i may of spent my whole day venting to my coworkers and friends about the way THE HASSLE pissed me off this morning. I want a bobble head with that stupid bitchs face on it. It would be a great thing to smack around once in a while.

Anonymous said...

I hate her. I hope she gets kicked off, she's a dumbass reality star, what the hell qualifies her to talk about politics, the other women know she's a dumb bitch. What the hell is going on. She makes my blood boil shes a fucking idiotic tramp who should die.

Anonymous said...

I really dislike EH!!!....I saw The View today and she clearly does not give a toot for the average american people who dont have health insurance. She's obviously against nationalizing health care and she just goes on with her rants and bitches..blah blah blah....saying we are not going to pick our own doctors anymore...blah blah blah, and shari said, well what about the average americans who dont have health care at all and just want to fix their teeth and their baby's teeth fix? EH had the stupidist look on her freaking face?? DUH, her smart comeback was..well its the governments fault who cant accomodate special programs for "THOSE PEOPLE" What a bitch!!! so I guess what she really means is...its HER REPUBLICAN government's fault for not having those programs after 8 years.

Anonymous said...

and further more, Im glad I found this blog, I think there was a petition floating around online to boot Elizabeth off the show?? Anyone know?? I seriously think people should get together and voice their opinions alittle LOUDER. When is the show going to wake up and see that most americans hate her guts!!!!!!!!!

Tammie said...

anon: thanks so much for popping over and im so glad you touched on a point of the whole insurance argument that ive been thinking a lot about.
im so SICK of the whole "you cant pick your own doctor" argument. who gives a flying fuck?!?! all doctors are the same in my book::necessary evils. i appreciate them for what they do, but my OBGYN and i arent buddies. id just as soon trade her for someone else if i could get the insurance co. to pay the majority of my bill.
its a ridiculous argument to those who dont have insurance at all or those like me, who have insurance and still cant afford to go to the doctor! i save my doctors visits for my kids.

Anonymous said...

found it is....please forward this petition around ladies!!!!!

Rock On Mommies said...

You made my day! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I agree on all counts! I hate elisabeth HASSELMOUTH! Nothing good comes out. Shes dumber than dirt. Not worth my listening, or seeing time. OMG her claim to fame is survivor for god's sake. She is a nobody! Wish she would go over to fox so I would never have to see or hear her fugly face mouth again. Maybe she could be governor of Alaska and her & pain could watch russia together. 2 dumb broads. GET OFF MY TV!

Court said...

Love this blog. I do like The View but cant stand to watch it most of the times b.c of elisabeth. Her voice is soooo annoying and each time I hear her talk I feel like I am getting dumber just listening to her jibber jabber!

Jesse said...

I too hate that woman. Really what has she done? she acts as though she is a political genius and that Democrats are evil. An she doesn't even look at the whole picture(i'm frigin Canadian) an I know more about American politics then her.I also find it terrible that just because shes blond,what people think is pretty,etc that America or the people who watch (also if you watch the view without her, with Whoopi and Sherri and even Joy. Its WAY better) took her side over the, over weight lesbian. Rosie O.
Thats her claim to fame Surviver and A verbal fight with a lesbian!
I HATE HER! I'm catholic and its terrible to say but its true.


Anonymous said...

Maybe we should contact Barbara Walters. Its her show so, put the pressure on Barbara to get her kicked off!

I'm not surprised that this blog is still going strong.....check out how many people can't stand her!

Anonymous said...

EH is the devil.When Sir. Ian McKellen spoke on the View about the National Health Service and how the H1N1 vaccine is available to everyone who needs it in the UK, EH became instantly defensive and started spouting her usual paranoid ramblings about ' the government' being involved in her health care. He responded that in the UK that the Dr.s and the hospitals ran their health programs. I'm not sure why I was so shocked at her response,because I know what an ignorant bitch she is , but I was truly shocked. She said, "That's what they'd like you to believe" and then back peddled and said "oh, I mean in our country" when Whoopie called her on it. Sir Ian looked at Whoopie with a look that I'm sure must be the same disgusted look I have on my face every time this crazy woman speaks. I hate her so much that I record the show ahead of time so that I can speed thru as much of her screeching and all those stupid fluff pieces they give her. Since when did this crazy broad start "Designing" clothes for her fellow stick-girls? They are completely devoid of originality. I swear, if you look in a 1965 Bazaar magazine, you'll see her "new line"! Smarmey , self-righteous,uninspired and just plain stupid. I could just smack her! Ahhhhhhhhh! That feels sooo much better! Thanks!Was it good for you,too?

Anonymous said...

It is so funny, I was talking to my girlfriend about how much I can't stand Elisabeth Hasselbeck and she can't stand her either. I decided to Google "who hates Elisabeth Hasselbeck" but all I had to type was "who hates e" and her name was number 4 on the list of suggestions. Just goes to show how much of a consensuses their is on hating her!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely can't stand Elisabeth Hasselbeck! I am so sick of all these idiots (Hasselbeck, Palin, Hilton, Gosselin, etc.) becoming media darlings. Whatever happened to intelligence and competence in this country?

Anonymous said...

I have always loved the view but I can not stand EH..Since when was it changed to The Elisabeth Hasslebeck show ..she is a miss know-it-all..she's what? 26-27 years old and thinks she knows more than Barbara Walters for Pete's sake ..I couldn't believe that they chose her to do this show ..and loving George Bush ..she's just as sick as he is ..this is my opinion ..she argues every point,doesn't matter what it is about and deep down I think Whoopi gets a little tired of it ..I wonder how they really get along back stage because Whoopi is always commenting about how they argue on stage but are great friends behind the scenes ..I would like to be a little mouse in the corner ..Frankly,I think they should have let her go from the show and kept Rosie ...that's my opinion of it ..

Anonymous said...

These are the reasons you hate her? Uh...what about that she's just an all out CONSERVATIVE, RELIGIOUS, PIOUS, GAY HATING TWAT!!!

Tammie said...

that too.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand that high-pitched, screechy, constantly-interrupting-and-talking-over-others loud-mouth voice of hers, defending morons like Palin to the end. Yet. I. Can't. Look. Away.

Anonymous said...

All of you hate Elizabeth Hasselbeck because YOU wish you could look half as good as her, raise three children, and have a career at the same time.

You blame not going to church on a TV celebrity? Come on.

Maybe you losers should get back to taking care of your families rather than saying nasty things about a beautiful woman that you wish you were.

I'm sticking up for her. She deserves it. Its hard for her to go on TV with three women just like the ones on this blog. Hateful and ugly liberals completely out of touch with reality.

Elizabeth if you happen to read this... keep up the good work.

RLW said...

If you hate Elisabeth H. so much as well as "The View", please stop watching it for your mental health's sake! I still say you're spending way too much energy hating's all pretty pathetic.....Get A Life!!!!!

Tammie said...

as should you and the handful of other people who come here through searches asking "why do people hate elisabeth hasselbeck?" and then leave comments (always anonymously or with profiles that lead nowhere) on this blog supporting her. how is what you're doing anymore indicative of having a life than those who dislike her?

i stopped watching the view a long time ago because i hate her. if you dont like what i or the others have to say, take your own advice and click the X in the corner of your computer screen.

Anonymous said...

I hate Elisabeth Hassleback because she always thinks she knows everything about every topic in the world. She is just a dumb bitch they should have been left on the survivor island

Anonymous said...

This AM EH was talking about Gumment regulation....EH? You are a dumb-assed bitch who has NO idea of what you are talking about! My husband and I are BOTH geologists and he is a MANAGER for a MaJOR oil co. in DEEPWATER DRILLING. What BP did (their well plan and ignoring warning signs) was HEINOUS and VERY neglectful! WE NEED MORE REGS on O and G drilling-not less, however, YOU, EH, who doesn't know SHIT about O and G, are sitting there saying, 'we need gumment but we don't need regs?' can someone SO ignorant be allowed to sit and talk on TV and say shit like this!? I love Whoopie too, however, Whoopie, you too do NOT understand the complications of this situation. If they (BP or whoever-our gumment has NO clue as to what to do here)....just PLUG the shit out of this well, the OIL is going to be SO pressured up 18,000 feet below the ocean floor,the oil is going to go SOMEWHERE and, if they keep it from coming UP, it is going to blow out laterally into the formation and up through any means (permeable strata, faults, etc-anywhere where the pressure is lower) and find SOME way to make its way back up and out of the sea floor. BP is bullshitting us while trying to 'cap' this thing...they were completing a high-risk exploratory well as a production well. They set ONE long string of casing instead of 3 (in case of blow out-3 would have provided somewhat of a stop-gap) and they had pressure kicks and issues w/BOP, ie. they had many problems w/this well from the get-go but managers said, 'hurry up! get 'er done' Now, we've all been shut down (which is fine w/me, however, U.S. Oil Cos are losing at least 1 million $ per day on rigs sitting there doing nothing! Not to mention people being out of work and the destruction of our coast!) etc....effing, foreign idiots don't give a shit about us and our GOM or the people there....they are the second largest producer in our GOM and they had the WORST well would NOT have been acceptable to, say, my husband's company. BP is going to have to drill at least 3 relief wells to shut this well in and, they are being total shits for not helping the gom people whom I admire so much. The GOM people are 'going rogue' (a term EH can relate too, correct?) and making their own booms and cleaning up this shit on their own. If you want to know how to send some things they need down to their places, let me me at I'm not kidding. EH is a MORON and we know that. Her comments on almost every subject are retarded (no offense to people who have an excuse).....don't mean to rant but sick of the ignorance and EH is one of the WORST.....for god's sake, PLEASE EMAIL me and let me tell you how you can help the GOM..they ARE DYiNG....barely recovering from Katrina...and, now this! Please help these people....they have brains and GUTS and courage and hope. EH...let's stick her scrawny ass down there in that hole...thanks for listening y'all..for some reason, I've been banned from commenting on the VIEW! hahaah...assholes.....wonder why? love this blog-thanks!

Anonymous said...

My God, I am so glad there is a page to vent about this blonde, narrowminded, annoying, dumb woman who has a voice that sounds like fingernails scratching down a blackboard. I live in Australia and she would be the most embarrassing person in America. I love your country, but she is bad news for your country. I cannot believe she publicly doesn't stand up for your President, how disgusting. All we see over here in Aussie is her continually complaining about Obama and everything his government is trying to fix. Rome wasn't built in a day you stupid Bitch, when is she going to give him a fair go. I could go on and on and on. America needs to get her off the screen and put someone who can see both sides of the story.

Anonymous said...

I see that this article dates back to 2008. It is now 2010 almost 2011 and I CANNOT believe this narrow-minded twit is still on TV! Honestly, Barbara Walters that is an icon really thinks she is good for the show. She screams, she yells and talks above everyone to shove her DUMB-ASS comments down everyones throats. I CANNOT STAND HER!!!! I have never posted a comment before but REALLY why does SHE have a job! She barks everyday that Obama has not created jobs and is killing the country when she should be asking "Why in the hell do I have a job?" I would rather see 1-job-worthy individual from small towns, cities, communities all over the country share their opinions rather than listen or see Elisabeth on TV one more day!

SAMATHA said...


mccall ryan said...

hey love this post.
i hate her too
there should be a hate club for her
chelsea handler just called her stupid it was awesome

Anonymous said...

I too can not stand Elisabeth Hasselbeck. She thinks her opinion is the only one that matters and is the only one that is correct. I wish I had a quarter for every time she says, "I think, I think" we do not car what you think you twitt. I just can not stand her. I loved it when Rosie stood up to her and I just loved it. I wish they would put someone in her place with personality for she has none.

Anonymous said...

I am also not a fan of EH. I watched The View today only because I knew there would be some kind of war of words between her and Bill Maher & it was wonderful! If any of you missed it it's worth watching, she was losing her mind! Love Bill Maher! Hope he comes on the view again soon!

Anonymous said...

I can't stand Hasselbeck. I don't watch the view just because of her. Now I stuck with this watching this stupid abs commerical she is doing. Why would any company that wants to sell a product hire her. She isn't even attractive. I need a good ab workout but wouldn't think of buy that one from that superfical over the top mouth piece. No more than I'd purchase one that the other money crubbing superfical witch Kim Kardashian.

Anonymous said...

I love her she was great on survivor and that's all I need to know. Plus she is hot :) and that's coming from a gay guy!

Anonymous said...

Judgemental bitch.....if you had ever been forced to do ANYTHING you did not want and had to suffer the consequences then you might be entitled to a real opinion!!!!!! ANSWER THIS??? WOULD YOU RAISE YOUR BABY CONCEIVED VIA RAPE THE SAME AS THE 3 YOU HAVE WITH YOUR HUSBAND????????

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your site. I hate all this political crap. She doesn't deserve all that she has gotten. I depise the view and Barbara Walters for choosing Elisabeth in the first place. She is a working mom who bitches about feminists? I am a real at home mom. You know a conservative. I'm not really any label but I hope her comeuppance happens soon,,,