Saturday, April 12, 2008


There is an article on the Yahoo page today that featured a list of wacky kitchen gadgets. I admit I didn't read the article. I started to read it. But then I saw the above picture and could no longer continue. I decided that if the Octodog, a gadget that will make your wiener into an octopus, is first on the list then I no longer need to keep reading as this isn't the list for me.

But of course, being the person that I am (a gal with apparently too much time on her hands), I went to the website. The people at Octodog claim that their product is "a new, unique way to make your hot dog" and that "The kids will love them." Well there is a reason to buy it right there!! Because I was having all this trouble getting my kids to eat their hot dogs. They are over here gobbling up asparagus and broccoli left and right but leaving these greasy hot dogs completely untouched. I'm getting worried because their nitrate levels are getting dangerously low.

Oh, and it's $16.95. Seriously, I couldn't justify this purchase in a million years. Lets just say I were to buy it, how many times would I possibly use it? Maybe twice. Maybe. On the rare occasion that hot dogs are in our house, I serve them because they are quick and easy. I can nuke it in the microwave for 30 seconds and poof! lunch. If I'm having the kind of day where I choose to work in a thirty second lunch, do you really think I am then going to take the time to fashion said lunch into a sea critter? Probably not.

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