Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ped Egg Update

Some of you aren't fully aware of how truly geeky I am. Or maybe you are. Maybe all these years I haven't been hiding it nearly as well as I think I have.

Last night I sat on my bed for probably thirty minutes eating gummy worms, drinking a gin and tonic, watching a Saturday Night Live: Best of Alec Baldwin special, and using my Ped Egg to file the bottoms of my feet until they were the velvety soft texture I craved. (This was, quite possibly, the most exciting Tuesday night of my life.) Beauty Guru was correct---it is awesome. She had told me not to worry about the collected shavings looking like Parmesan cheese and she was right, again. The consistency was finer, more like dust or powder. Plus, even after all my filing my egg wasn't nearly as filled as the one in the advertisement below. Either that woman's pre-Ped Egg foot was similar to the back of an alligator, or she has been saving her foot shavings for quite some time. Whatever the case, I'm happy to say that the actual foot skin dumpage part of the process does not have nearly the gross out factor that the ad implies.

As embarrassing as it is to admit, my feet were looking kinda rough. Now they aren't. It's worth the ten bucks.

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