Monday, April 21, 2008

When all else fails, resort to flattery

Every Monday my son brings home a folder with all his school work in it from the previous week. Every Monday I anxiously open the folder never really knowing what to expect. It could be great. It could be ugly. This Monday it was very, very ugly.

Out of the seven assignments, only one had an "A" at the top. This assignment was at the back of the stack. I really wish it had been at the beginning because maybe it would have diffused the blow of the assignments that had 40% and 55% scrawled in red. The worst part of this was that they were open book assignments! There is really no logical reason to get an "F" on anything that you can use your book on. You're not required to know anything other than how to turn the page until you find the correct answer. It takes a special kind of lazy to get an "F" on an open book assignment.

After the long discussion about how getting good grades is important, we sat down to work on his spelling practice test. All the words this week are contractions. He, like probably most kids his age, has problems with contractions. Out of twenty words on the test he misspelled ten of them. The rules of the practice test are that for every word you misspell you have to re-write it on the back five times. For each word I put an X by, his jaw dropped a little lower and I could tell he was not happy with having to write so many words. Pretty soon he began to fan his face with his hand and then said, "Wow. Is it getting hot in here...or is it just my mom?"

I really don't know where he thought this was going to get him but I had to laugh. But this kind of garbage doesn't work on me. Just ask my husband.

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