Monday, March 24, 2008

Weekly Update

Jay, being a man of his word, tiled the bedroom in one weekend, and it looks great. I have to admit, I was a bit concerned about how the project would turn out since I've heard laying tile can be tricky and Jay had never done it before. But I shouldn't have worried. He really did a great job.

But now, in comparison to my awesome floor, the rest of my room looks like utter garbage.

My bedroom is in desperate need of a paint job, but before that can be done the walls need to be completely sanded down. Whoever painted our room last decided to add "texture" and the paint juts out from the wall in sharp little peaks. It is dangerous and hideous. Let me put it another way, if I were to do squats with my yoga ball against the wall, much like this fellow:My ball would pop. And my back would be covered in deep gouges. It's possible I would need some form of medical attention. So as much as Jay and I want to paint our room, we aren't real motivated to do it. I've never used an electric sander before and learning how really isn't high on my list of things to do.

My mom and I are working on a vegetable garden out back. I have some broccoli plants and strawberry plants that have not only stayed alive, but produced food as well. Huge accomplishment for me. We've extended the garden to include two types of squash, some cucumber plants, green beans, watermelon, peppers, and tomatoes. This garden is something I'm very excited about. Plus, it's been a great way to bond with the girl because she loves coming out and helping us.

Tuesday night the boy was in a "Music in our Schools" program. I always look forward to my son's school performances because he seems to enjoy them so much so he's a lot of fun to watch. He taps his feet and snaps his fingers and just seems to generally have a good time.

Jay is going on a golf trip this weekend so I will be somewhat of a single parent for a few days. As much as I love my husband I'm looking forward to the time alone. Not much planned for my weekend other than to read, read, read. I finally finished A Prayer for Owen Meany last night. I almost didn't make it through this book because at times I found it kind of wordy. It wasn't until I finished the entire book though that I realized how important all the words were to the beauty of the story. If you don't already know, the book is about a boy, Owen, who accidentally kills his best friends mom with a baseball. Owen comes to believe that he is God's servant and that God has plans for him. I really don't want to mention much more for fear of revealing a giant hunk of the plot, but it really is a beautifully written book.

Next on my reading list is Kafka on the Shore, which is a book my friend Ann-Eliza mentioned about two years ago and I'm just now getting around to reading. Then I think I'm going to throw in a few graphic novels to speed this process along a bit. I can usually read a graphic novel in a day or two so a few of those will definitely throw me a little closer to my goal of fifty books.

Well, I suppose that wraps it up for now. I need to go and watch "Waitress" with the man. It's been sitting on my desk for the last three weeks waiting to be watched. I've just been busy with Owen.

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