Thursday, March 20, 2008

Weekly Update

My neighbor across the street has put his home up for sale. This is slightly bumming me out for two reasons. The first is that even though he has a somewhat unhealthy fascination with year round fireworks, he's a nice guy and a good neighbor and I hate to see him go. The second reason is that there is now one more "For Sale" sign I have to look at when entering and exiting my neighborhood. The street I live on is U-Shaped and there are now five homes for sale and one for rent on the U. Not to mention the countless others I have to look at on my nightly walk. There are some homes that haven't had occupants since we've moved into this neighborhood. Things are definitely very, very bleak in terms of real estate and the economy.

When Jay and I bought this stupid house it wasn't with the intention of flipping it. Our family had grown and the circumstances of our extended family were changing so we needed more room. And we wanted it on the cheap. Because we have given this house so much TLC, we thought that when we did sell it, we'd probably be able to make a decent profit. Cue sarcastic laughter NOW. I'm not saying that if we tried to sell this house tomorrow we wouldn't make a profit, but it certainly wouldn't come with the quickness we had hoped for. I guess we are going to be here a while.

It wasn't my plan to be in Florida this long. Gainesville certainly isn't the worst of places, but I say that now. I will be singing a different tune come Summer when I have to revisit the 100 degree heat and $450 electric bills. I am not looking forward to it. Everyday when I wake up and the temperature is less than 60 degrees I am simultaneously overjoyed and saddened. I love the cool weather but I also know that since it's almost April, it will be ending soon.

Jay is using this weekend to lay tile in the bedroom. Jay has actually been wanting to do this for the last few weeks but I've been vetoing it because I don't want my bedroom all tore up for any great length of time. Our bedroom is a sanctuary I go to when I need to escape the madness of this house. Actually "sanctuary" is much too grand a word to use to describe my bedroom. My bedroom is hideous. And with it's bare cement floors, almost prison like, but it's mine. But we cannot keep walking on cement. We ripped up the carpet some time ago because it smelled as if animals had pissed and then died on it. No amount of steam cleaning and Febreeze could help it anymore. Jay has promised to have the job mostly completed by Sunday.

I have no fancy plans for this coming holiday weekend. Everyone will be off work and at home though so I may be drinking early. No, actually I'm going to try to get some reading done. I have goals now you know.

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