Monday, March 3, 2008


Jay and I were desperately needing a mini break, so we spent the last three days in Savannah. Our last few vacations were either "working vacations" spent doing stuff at home, kid friendly vacations, or vacations that were heavily booked with specific things to do, so we decided to take it easy this time and just do nothing. Savannah is the perfect place to do nothing, but I'm not sure if that's a good thing.

I hadn't really expected Savannah to be as touristy as it is. Having lived in Florida most of my life, I know a tourist activity when I see one and I avoid them at all costs. I have no desire to take a guided tour in a trolley and you will never see me wearing a tee shirt with the name of a city on it. There is a lot of this in Savannah. Jay and I are apparently the only ones not bothered by activities that are blatantly geared towards tourists though because the lines for the tours routinely wrapped around buildings. There were also plenty of people willing to pay for a ride in a horse drawn buggy. (I'm mentioning this because I want to get up on my high horse for a minute and say: The horses don't really like toting people around. It's actually kinda cruel.) Because Jay and I didn't want to hang out with tourists, most of whom were 65+, we wandered the city on our own.

Our hotel, The Planters Inn,(, was right in the middle of the historic part of the city. It's a beautiful old building that is supposedly haunted but I saw no evidence of this. A lamp in our room flicked on and off a lot but I think that can be attributed to a faulty bulb, not a couple of ghosts dressed in period clothing. Our hotel:

Because of the excellent location of our hotel, we walked just about everywhere.

Since Savannah is such an old city, there are statues everywhere of various local historical figures. I'm somewhat ashamed to admit it, but I absolutely hate history. I find it incredibly boring and I basically just don't feel a need to learn about it. I'm one of those people that doesn't know dates of wars or when specific people died. I'm not bragging about this, being completely ignorant about an entire subject is nothing to brag about. But it's just the way it is. So I wasn't real interested in all the statues. Although I did find this girl intriguing:
Supposedly she waved to every single ship that passed for 44 years. During the day she waved with a cloth, at night a lantern. Now of course I'm no historian but I gotta think she was probably a lunatic or half a retard because I see no logic in this. But that's just me. (I should be totally honest and say that I hate history so much I didn't even take the time to learn the story of "The Waving Girl" on my own. Her tale was written on the tourist map that is free everywhere.)

One thing Savannah does well is the restaurants. There are a lot of yummy places to eat and Jay and I took full advantage of this and ate until we felt as if we were going to explode. When I'm at home I really can't be bothered to cook for myself. I eat granola bars, fruit, and whatever is leftover from the girl's lunch. So when I go out to eat, I tend to act like a wild animal. This was fully evident when we ate at Churchills ( I love traditional British food. I ordered the fish and chips and covered it with malt vinegar. It was delicious. I was somewhat disappointed they didn't have mushy peas though. Oh well. I had trifle for dessert and it was good but I don't think it was as good as the trifle I make at home. I don't do many things well in the kitchen but I do make a mean trifle!

As I mentioned, Savannah is filled with gift shops where tourists can buy junk, but I don't want to give the impression that those are the only places to shop. There are a lot of other neat shops as well and I picked up some things for the home and family that I don't think I would have been able to find easily anywhere else. But I do think that a lot of these shops were directed more towards out of towners with vacation money than just the average shopper.

All in all, I think Savannah is a nice place to visit but I don't think I'd want to live there. And it certainly isn't a place to take the kiddies...I know mine would have been very, very bored. But it is a nice place to relax and that was our goal, so mission accomplished.

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