Monday, March 3, 2008

In praise of my husband

I really don't give my husband enough credit.
About six months ago my friend Dawn recommended that I read "I was a Really Good Mom Before I had Kids."
I've been trying to cut back on the amount of money I spend on books so I tried to get it at the library. It wasn't available so I put my name on the waiting list. I still haven't heard from the library. Keep in mind this was six months ago and I haven't really mentioned anything more about this to Jay.
When we were in Savannah, he walked to a market to get some beer. This wasn't your typical market, it also sold gifts, gourmet foods, and books. Jay saw this book, remembered that I wanted it, and picked it up for me.

Maybe he does listen to me after all.

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Amy said...

SO glad you got the book! Your husband is definitely a keeper. Also look for our new one coming out next month - Dirty Little Secrets from Otherwise Perfect Moms.


Amy Nobile & Trisha Ashworth, co-authors
I Was A Really Good Mom Before I Had kids