Friday, March 28, 2008

Art? Trash? Just a Big Mess?

When we painted the boy's room a year and a half ago we allowed him to choose his own colors. He chose some loud and crazy Nickelodeon colors. This past week Jay got around to finishing the trim in the boy's room. (Jay has had a busy week. He has definitely earned his golf weekend.) Once it was painted we had no need for the rest of the paint so I thought maybe the kids would like to get creative and use it on the picnic table. Here is the result:
Has anyone noticed that there is almost always a dog in the background of every picture I take? It's like a canine version of Where's Waldo?

I really had no high hopes of the picnic table looking like some great work of art so I let the project be totally unstructured. You can't tell by the picture but the boy actually got pretty creative and added hand prints and splatters of different colors. My only rule was that they not paint the house. I should have made the second rule be to not paint yourself because about 45 minutes into the project I looked at the girl and noticed that this was happening:
I suppose it's a good thing I let her do this in only a diaper. Thank God for the naked phase she is going through. As if this wasn't bad enough, when I came back from rinsing out paint brushes I noticed this:

Now in case you can't tell, my daughter's arms aren't that long so a certain big brother had to help her paint the middle of her back. Jay had kindly asked that we try to keep the cement paint free. Jay is going to be very disappointed.

Yesterday my dad called. He's going to Tampa for the weekend to run some errands and he wanted to know if the boy would go with him and then they'd go to Busch Gardens. After changing his mind about three times he decided to go. So now not only do I have no husband home this weekend, but I'm also down a kid. I was sort of disappointed to see him go because we had planned to stay up watching movies but what could I do? I couldn't stand between a boy and his first Log Flume ride.

I guess I really am going to get a lot of reading done this weekend.

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