Tuesday, February 12, 2008

In the Beginning.....

So I used to do this thing over at Myspace but I'm getting kinda pissed with Tom and the crew because I can't always log in or view my blog or view someone elses blog and it's basically just all around irritating so I'm probably gonna do it over here now. We'll see how it goes.

The name. Honestly, I couldn't think of one. I tried to think about all the things I write about when I blog and I couldn't really lump them all into one group in a way that would make coming up with a catchy title easy. I write about my kids and hubby, books, celebs, TV, friends, problems with extended family, etc.....I'm extremely sensitive but also can be whiny and nasty. Who wants to read a blog titled "Sensitive, Whiny, and Nasty"?

My blogs, much like my personality, are made up of lots of different parts that don't always fit together.

You know how you go to TJ Maxx and you see a really cute shirt and it's exactly your size and your style but then you look at the tag and it has IRREGULAR slapped on it so then you have to inspect the shirt and try to find all it's flaws? Or maybe the flaws are obvious? Well anyway, that's what my blog is: Irregular. Like a three legged pair of jeans or shirt missing the head hole. Now that I'm thinking about this a bit more I'm not sure I'm sticking with that name because who would want a shirt without the head hole? Eh, screw it. That's my name and I'm sticking with it.


tall penguin said...

I think we're all a bit like the shirt without the head hole.


Tammie said...

Thank you Ms. Penguin.

For the "Welcome" and for reading.