Thursday, February 14, 2008


I was sick yesterday. I think it was a stomach bug but I'm not sure. I've had a lot of strange health issues lately that I'm trying to ignore, because that's what I do when I have health problems - I ignore them and hope that they will go away. (Is there an opposite of a hypochondriac?) Anyway, I had all the usual glorious symptoms that go along with a stomach virus but I also had a horrible headache. It wasn't just over my eyes, it seemed to extend all over my head. My ears were ringing and felt like they were filled with water and I was very dizzy. When Jay came in the room and rubbed my back I felt like he was shaking me senseless. The thing is, I've been feeling dizzy on and off for the last few weeks and I've noticed my motion sickness has gotten worse. I've never been a healthy car rider---I can't read in the car and if we are going any further than the corner, I have to sit in the front seat with the air vent blowing cold air on my face but lately I've noticed that other things bother me too. If I have to turn around to talk to one of the kids in the back seat, I get woozy and if I look at the XM dial too long I start to get a headache. I'm trying to decide if I should see a Dr. about this or just ignore it altogether.

Jay, my mom, and the boy were a big help to me yesterday. But the period of time after Jay went to work and before my mom got home was kind of strange. I think I dozed off for a while but in the background could hear the kids yelling and fighting. There is nothing worse than trying to take care of kids while you are sick. Okay, I'm sure there are much worse things, but when you're so sick that it hurts to roll over it's hard to imagine anything worse than tending to the rugrats in the other room. At one point I woke up and my mouth tasted like barf and dry toast so I grabbed some gum that was on the nightstand. Because it hurt to move, I just laid on my back perfectly still, chewing gum. The girl came in and was intrigued by the "gubble gum" I had in my mouth and insisted I blow bubbles. Over and over. For probably about 30 minutes. Each time I blew a bubble she would touch it with her hands, hands that didn't look as if they had been washed in a while. Pretty soon my gum tasted like dirt, which can be attributed to the fact that it actually had bits of dirt in it. I told her she needed to go wash her hands and face. Then I think I told the boy to go wash her for me, but because he is the human incarnation of Pig Pen from Peanuts, I don't think it got done until my mom came home.

I'm feeling better today but still kinda goofy-headed. I have a lot of housework to catch up on though. The first night of my sickness, the cat we have not-so-affectionately named "Polly Pissy Pants", pissed all over Jay. Technically, she pissed all over the sheets and duvet while he was sleeping. We are not sure why she does this or why Jay is her only target. She apparently has Daddy issues. Whatever the reason, I have a lot of bed linens to clean today. Last night Jay and I had to make do with some clean sheets and a Mr. Potato Head blanket. (Note to self: Buy more blankets for adults.)

Here is a picture of Polly, caught in a rare moment of not peeing on my husband:

She is a beautiful cat but might find herself living in the backyard if she doesn't shape up soon.

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